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The Jamstack

Today, static site generators are becoming more widespread due to the features they offer. They are simple to use, and many are based on the most recent technology and frameworks. They have enabled developers to focus on the client-side instead of the server-side. We will look at what Jamstack is, and the multitude of options available through it.

The Jamstack

A lot of people aren't certain what this signifies, however Jamstack really is a method to build websites and other applications which is where the bulk of development takes place on the client-side. Jamstack's JAM in Jamstack describes everything you need to know about this new method of creating websites. It is a reference to Javascript, APIs, and Markup.

Javascript - The dynamic elements of websites that are usually processed on the client side. It could be simple Javascript, a library, or a framework such as React, Angular, Vue and more.

APIs - The information that is displayed on the client side is pulled from APIs , and is stored in a static manner. This is why a Jamstack website can be paired with other services, such as headless CMS.

Markup - Static site generators are responsible for the creation of markup that is then used to deploy on the internet.

The Benefits Of Using Jamstack

High Performance - As we've discussed earlier, the Jamstack website does not rely on the server and databases, which improves speed of loading for users. The majority of the content is hosted on a CDN as markup which is delivered extremely fast.

High Security - Since we don't need to be concerned about database and server operations, this makes websites more secure from exploitation.

Cheap Scaling - Scalability is among the main issues faced by websites that have to deal with databases and servers. The entire process is expensive and requires a lot of resources. However, with Jamstack the only requirement is an effective CDN. This way the scale of the site is not just less expensive, but it is also streamlined.

A Fantastic Development Experience - Jamstack gives a wonderful experience for developers as they do not need to be concerned about the many restrictions a traditional build may have. You can choose your preferred tech stack and gain the full benefit of it.

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