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Hooked On React

React JavaScript: Taking The World By Storm

React is one of the newest and most popular front-end JavaScript library that has been released in to the field of web development. This web developing feature is utilized by large, well-known, and well-established companies, such as Netflix, Instagram, Airbnb, and even the New York Times. React’s characteristics and differential qualities make it a framework that can truly bring about a variety of advantages to any company who decides to use it. Let’s to a closer look at the framework itself!

What Exactly Is React?

React is a JavaScript library that was specifically created for companies, businesses, and internet platforms who are looking to build fast and interactive user interfaces for both mobile and web platforms/applications.

Why Is This Development Framework So Popular Compared To Other Front-End Software Developments?

React is extremely popular amongst big corporations for a variety of differential reasons. Here are the reasons:

  • Informal construction of dynamic applications:** This particular framework makes it incredibly easy for corporations to create and design dynamic web applications, due to the fact that the software needs less coding and offers more functionality as a whole, as opposed to other front-end software frameworks that require a ton of complex coding.

  • Enhanced overall performance: React offers users an improved overall performance because the framework utilizes Virtual DOM. Virtual DOM allows for creators to build their companies’ web applications much faster. The Virtual DOM feature matches the components’ previous states and will continue to update the items that were reformatted in the Real DOM, instead of updating all of the components over and over again.

  • Offers reusable components for users: Components are the main building blocks that users will need for any React application that they may be building. One singular application may consist of multiple components and Reach allows for builders to re-utilize these components, greatly reducing the application’s development time.

  • Unidirectional data flow: React is unique in the sense that it follows a unidirectional data flow. This means that when you are designing an app with React, it will be easier to debug certain errors and understand exactly where a problem may be occurring at a specific point in time.

  • Small learning curve: React is an incredibly easy framework to understand and learn how to use in the appropriate way. The framework, itself, mostly combines basic HTML and JavaScript concepts that very beneficial additions. As in the case of learning any new developmental software, users will have to spend a bit of time familiarizing themselves with the framework and its tools.

  • Allows users to easily construct both web and mobile apps: React has the potential to allow users to construct, not only web applications, but mobile applications, as well.

  • Particular tools utilized for easy debugging: Reach has a Chrome extension that is used to debug particular application features that may be giving you a problem. This makes fixing errors on your application a true breeze!

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