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Headless CMS?

Is It Time To Ditch Your Content Management System?

While most companies and businesses are used to utilizing traditional CMS architecture, modern and technologically advanced companies are now looking to increase their flexibility and the direct scalability that they can offer to their clients. This can be accomplished through the direct usage of headless CMS solutions. Here we will discuss what exactly a headless CMS is, the difference between headless and traditional CMS, and how it can help your company and its associates finally make its way out of the dark ages and into the 21st century.

What Is Traditional CMS and What Was Its Main Purpose?

To understand exactly what a headless CMS is, it may be helpful to first take a look at traditional CMSes, short for content management systems, and see what it was originally designed to accomplish for users. Traditional CMSes have been around since the very beginning days of web development, providing users with platforms such as Wordpress and Sitecore, that were specifically designed to present web contents like text, images, and videos. The traditional CMs approach to web layout and development jumbled up every source of web management into one category, making it almost impossible for web developers to reuse content that they had incorporated into a particular website, due to it being blended with unchangeable code.

As differential website platforms have evolved, the need for more pliable web development solutions has arisen. Now, companies are using their technological expertise to develop websites, applications, mobile sites, digital displays, and differential interfaces, while traditional CMS is failing to keep up. This is because CMS was established to organize website content into webpage frameworks, making it entirely impossible for creators to convert this information onto other adaptable digital frameworks. Developers finally understood that it was time for a change within CMS.

What Exactly Is A Headless CMS?

A headless CMS is the system that made it entirely possible for creators to convert their unique information from their webpage, onto other digital platforms. A headless CMS is a type of back-end content management system where the “body” of the content is able to be separated from the presentation layer of the content, better known as the “head”. Content that utilizes this novel content management system is delivered through APIs, making content delivery entirely seamless and headache free when a content designer wants to have the ability to display their content on various devices. A headless CMS provides users with the flexibility that they have been searching for, allowing them to work across a myriad of frameworks and programs. A headless CMS sets you up for complete success within the future, especially when it comes to future adaptations that may occur within the web developing world.

Which Is Better: Traditional or Headless CMS?

It really all depends on what you are using the CMS for. If you are utilizing the content management system for a business that is expected to growth within the near future, then it may be smart to opt in for a headless CMS. However, if you are a newbie to the CMS world, the traditional option may be best as it is easy to use and entirely cost effective.

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