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Benefits Of Gatsby

There are many issues for companies with their websites. This includes slow loading speeds for pages, poor user experience, or a lack of SEO altogether. They need a more modern solution to these modern problems. Competition is fierce and everyone is looking for the best. A variety of technologies were created to solve these challenges and one of the most effective options is Gatsby JS. Gatsby is an open source and React-based framework that is utilized to create stunning websites. It offers speed along with scalability and security, as well as many other benefits that we'll discuss in more detail in the following sections.

Benefits Of Using Gatsby:

Speedy Pages - The client doesn't like to sit waiting on the loading of a page and wants results as quickly as they can get them. Gatsby minimizes page loading times and allows the user to access the page in a flash.

SEO Efficiency - Investing in Gatsby is to invest in SEO, as Gatsby's websites are among the most SEO compatible websites available due to being light weight and effective. This leads to increased conversion rates.

Security Cybersecurity - A hot topic these days and is a crucial issue for businesses. Today, it's more difficult to secure your website. Gatsby offers a secure website, as it's static and doesn't allow access to the backend of the site or databases.

The Future - Prior to investing in technology, it is important to determine if the technology will endure or not. You can put your money on Gatsby with no worries since it's been proven to be reliable and has a variety of integrations with other platforms, in addition to their new cloud platform.

A Vibrant Community - The Gatsby community of users is now huge due to its popularity. If you encounter problems, there is someone who can surely assist you in solving it. There are also many similarities shared with React JS that can also help when solving problems.

Why Is Gatsby Great For SEO?

Accessibility - Web accessibility is a major issue these days and assist those with difficulties working on computers, or those dependent on screen readers, to navigate your website more efficiently. Gatsby can be described as the most user-friendly web framework available. There are many ways through which Gatsby makes websites as user-friendly as is possible. How?

  • Accessible routing allows pages to be easier to navigate for users.

  • Making HTML-based pages, instead of being primarily JavaScript.

  • Built in linting that alerts the developer when a web page is not very accessible.

User Experience - Gatsby websites gives customers an excellent user experience thanks to its completely customizable and user-friendly web pages, that are accessible for everyone. Additionally, there are a number of community-based plugins to aid with user experience.

Speed and Performance - Gatsby has everything to do with speed and performance. The built-in features, such as progressively loading images or rendering static files, make Gatsby speedy. Websites that are faster and have relevant content are higher ranked than slower websites that have the same information.

Metadata - Gatsby allows full control over the structure and content of your website. Metadata can be added to your website to help search engines understand the contents of your site better. You can also control the SEO yourself within Gatsby, helping your site rank higher.

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